• Machines

    Oil Creek Plastics is a true leader in the industry of Polyethylene Piping Systems. Our machines are capable of producing piping used in a number of industries...

  • Resources

    Northwest Pennsylvania is rich in resources...resources we utilize in our business everyday. These resources allow us to create a product that is unlike any other.

  • Planning

    Our inside sales team is the best in the industry. Whether you need a quote or are ready to lay the pipe, Oil Creek Plastics can assist in the planning of your next project.

  • Technologies

    The best quality piping system only means we use the lastest in technology. From concept to design to even testing, Oil Creek Plastics continues to be a leader in our industry.


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Oil Creek Plastics understands that the primary objective to consider in the design and installation of a piping system is to select a material which provides reliable, economical and safe service to the customer. Polyethylene piping materials are most often selected because they offer a superior means of providing this service.

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