About Us

Oil Creek Plastics has been an industry leader in the small diameter pipe and tubing market since incorporating in 1972. Since that time our company has been at the forefront of innovations for the manufacturing of polyethylene products. From being the first company to internally pressurize and seal our product to installing the most state of the art continuous measuring devices, we have taken something as simple as polyethylene pipe and continued to improve it in many ways. All of the improvements adopted by Oil Creek Plastics have been undertaken to achieve a fundamental goal that is at the heart of our company’s mission. To supply our customers with the highest quality product that will provide a lifetime of uninterrupted service and peace of mind, and to provide this superior product at a competitive price. But there is more to a company than the products they make. Our company makes the best product on the market, but what makes our company the best are the individuals that provide you with the superior products and service that have come to define Oil Creek Plastics over the years. Whether you are a customer or a vendor, buying one coil or 50 million feet, you can expect the quality, service, and integrity that we feel are owed to all who chose to use the best.

2) Heatflex Tubing

Heatflex Tubing Oil Creek Plastics Heat Flex tubing is made from DOWLEX 2344 Polyethylene Copolymer resin. Heat Flex is made to meet or exceed all requirements of ASTM F2623. Heat Flex tubing can be used in non-potable water systems including radiant floor heating, baseboard hot water connections and radiator connections as well as most other heating/cooling applications.

2) ID Controlled Irrigation Pipe

ID Controlled Irrigation Pipe Oil Creek Plastics irrigation pipe is manufactured to an ID specification as outlined in ASTM D2239 and rated for 100 psi working pressure. This style of pipe is not listed with NSF and is typically used in lawn irrigation systems where potable water pipe is not needed. It is made from a high quality PE 3408 material, which is tested before being put into production to ensure the quality of the final product.

2) Geothermal Pipe

Geothermal Pipe Oil Creek Plastics Geothermal pipe is made from virgin PE 3408/3608 high-density polyethylene material. Geothermal pipe meets or exceeds all requirements of ASTM D 3035. Geothermal pipe is manufactured to the specifications set forth in appendix C of the Closed Loop/Ground-Source Heat Pump Systems Installation Guide by IGSHPA (International Ground Source Heat Pump Association).

2) Black with Yellow Stripes Gas Pipe

Black with Yellow Stripes Gas Pipe Oil Creek Plastics black/yellow stripe gas pipe is made from virgin PE 3408/3608 high-density polyethylene material. Oil Creek Plastics black/yellow gas pipe meets or exceeds the requirements ofASTM D 2513 and ASTM D1248.Black/Yellow gas pipe is made to two sizing dimensions; IPS (Iron Pipe Size) or CTS (Copper Tube Size) to meet the requirements of your job.