Oil Creek Plastics is a true leader in the industry of Polyethylene Piping Systems. Our machines are capable of producing piping used in a number of industries...

Our product lines include: Water, Radiant Heat (HEATFLEX), Gas, Geothermal, Irrigation/Swing, and LPG Service.

Our talented and committed employees strive to deliver our clients the best product...a product we proudly say is "made in the USA."


• Residential Water Lines                   • Ice Skating Rinks

• Distribution Systems                       • Swimming Pools

• Irrigation                                      • Marine

• Chemical Process Lines                   • Gas Distribution

• Industrial Waste Lines                    • Gas Gathering

• Camp and Farm Water Systems       • Transmission Lines

• Sprinkler Systems                          • Oil Distribution

• Water Wells                                 • Liquid Petroleum Service

• Mines                                          • Geothermal Heat

• Air Conditioning                            • Radiant Heat (HEATFLEX)

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