Northwest Pennsylvania is rich in resources...resources we utilize in our business everyday. These resources allow us to create a product that is unlike any other.

Oil Creek Plastics understands that the primary objective to consider in the design and installation of a piping system is to select a material which provides a reliable, economical and safe service to the customer. Polyethylene piping materials are most often selected because they offer a superior means of providing this service. A composite list of the desired characteristics for Oil Creek Plastics polyethylene piping along with typical use applications are:


• Economical and Reliable

• Lightweight, Flexible and Abrasion Resistant

• Easy Installation

• Non-corrosive and Reduced Scale Build-up

• Excellent High/Low Temperature Performance

• Outstanding Weatherability

• Superior Environmental Stress Resistance

• Exceptional Toughness

• Resistant to Fatigue Failure.

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