27 Aug


As an example SIDR9 PE 3408/3608 has a rating of 160 PSI. The new PE 4710 SIDR9 will have a 200 PSI rating without changing any wall thickness specs. The same applies to DR sizes such as DR-11 3408/3608 rated at 160 PSI. This will now be rated at 200 PSI using the new PE 4710.

If you do not need the extra pressure rating, you will be buying your pipe at a lower cost. If you have any questions, please contact your Oil Creek Plastics sales representative, or contact our office.

Orders will be shipped according to the PSI requested on the PO unless a specific SIDR or SDR is required.

AJ-100 PSI will no longer be available. The lowest PSI available will be the AJ 125 PSI as we feel the wall thickness for SIDR 19 PE 4710 will be too thin.

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