Oil Creek Plastics is a true leader in the industry of Polyethylene Piping Systems

Our Product Lines Include: Water, Radiant Heat (HEATFLEX), Gas, Geothermal, Irrigation, Swing, and LPG Service

Our talented and committed employees strive to deliver our clients the best product and we proudly say is "Made in the USA.".

Our Advantages

  • Economical and Reliable
  • Lightweight, Flexible and Abrasion Resistant
  • Easy Installation
  • Non-corrosive and Reduced Scale Build-up
  • Excellent High/Low Temperature Performance
  • Outstanding Weatherability
  • Superior Environmental Stress Resistance
  • Exceptional Toughness

Northwest Pennsylvania is rich in resources. Resources we utilize in our business everyday. These resources allow us to create a product that is unlike any other.

Oil Creek Plastics understands that the primary objective to consider in the design and installation of a piping system is to select a material which provides a reliable, economical and safe service to the customer. Polyethylene piping materials are most often selected because they offer a superior means of providing this service.

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Quality. Service. Integrity.

Our Team

Our inside sales team is the best in the industry..

Whether you need a quote or are ready to lay the pipe, Oil Creek Plastics can assist in the planning of your next project. Oil Creek's quality of material combined with an experienced sales team and dedicated workforce means you're getting the absolute best product!